Brain Stem Cavernoma

Case Study Series: Brain Stem Cavernoma

Another interesting case is this 18-month old child who presented with recurrent hemorrhages related to a cavernous malformation of her brain stem. Her parents discovered something was wrong when they noticed their child experiencing weakness on the left side of her body. They brought her into the emergency room for further evaluation.

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Case Study Series: Craniopharyngioma

This case was a 6-year old boy who was found to have multiple hormonal abnormalities when he was brought in including deficiencies of growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and the hormone that controls water balance (vasopressin).

These imbalances are fairly common in patients with these tumors and the deficiencies can be corrected with the use of medication.

However, his imaging revealed a much more serious problem. A cystic tumor was found at the base of the brain with calcification that could be seen on the CT scan.

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Case Study Series: Chordoma

This patient was a 10-year-old boy with partial paralysis in his left eye. He technically had sixth nerve palsy, or abducens nerve palsy, which is a disorder associated with dysfunction of cranial nerve VI (the abducens nerve). It makes it nearly impossible to turn out the affected eye and commonly leads to double-vision.

This was an acute event and when he was brought into the hospital, his imaging showed a very large mass compressing his brain stem.

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