When do I see the doctor?

Approximately 6 weeks after surgery you will need an x-ray of your cervical or lumbar spine. This x-ray will show if your fusion has healed. If you are wearing a collar or brace, the doctor will tell you if it may be removed.

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What do I do after surgery?

After surgery we recommend that you slowly increase your activity. However, you should not lift/push/pull heavy objects. Do not do any activity that causes stress or strain on your neck or back.

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How do I care for my incision?

You may wash your incision(s) 2 days after your surgery. Schedule staple removal:

  • 7-10 days after surgery for cervical corpectomy fusions
  • 7-10 days after surgery for craniotomy
  • 12-14 days after surgery for lumbar surgeries

Call our office if:

  • fluid drains from the wound
  • there is more swelling
  • there is a severe amount of redness
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