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Did you know that neurosurgery treats conditions of the brain and spine? Our physicians talk about the advances in minimally invasive surgery and technology and how it affects you.

Neurosurgery treats conditions of the brain and spine by combining the most comprehensive new techniques and technologies in all areas.

Take a look at this feature about CNA and how our care and expertise can eliminate pain and restore function.

Video Transcript

HOST: Neurosurgery is the treatment of conditions that affect the brain and spine. In the past, many disorders of the brain or spinal cord could only be treated with open surgery. Today, that is not the case, as minimally invasive surgical skills and innovative technology have advanced.

HOST (0:15): The highly-trained staff of neurosurgeons and support teams at Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, California, combine expertise, compassion, and the latest technology using state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities and superior surgical tools to help eliminate pain and restore function for their patients.

RAMIN JAVAHERY, MD (0:32): We are a group of four neurosurgeons. We run the gamut from pediatric neurosurgery to vascular neurosurgery to spinal surgery. We have surgeons who are fellowship-trained in spine surgery, fellowship-trained in pediatric neurosurgery, fellowship-trained in vascular neurosurgery.

HOST (0:53): By combining the most comprehensive care and expertise in all areas of neurosurgery, they’re able to eliminate pain and restore function for their patients.

DR. JAVAHERY (1:02): So we begin by talking to patients, examining them, and building a rapport. And what that means is basically building a relationship with the patient so they trust us. So when we say, ‘You need to do X,’ they have faith that we are knowledgeable and sincere in our opinions.

HOST (1:23): Coast Neurosurgical Associates’ diverse team can offer a wide variety of treatment options.

DR. JAVAHERY (1:28): A lot of what is happening in terms of management of intracranial disorders is trying to minimize the surgical field. In other words, instead of doing a large opening in the skull to achieve an objective, can you do it through a smaller opening?

DR. JAVAHERY (1:45): The most important aspect of spine surgery is patient selection. My mentor would always say that ‘surgical complications don’t occur in the operating room; they occur before you ever come to the operating room.’ They are often errors in the process of making a decision about what to do for someone.

DR. JAVAHERY (2:04): So, I think what we bring is that we try to be as careful and thoughtful in terms of planning our surgeries as we are about the technique that we use.

HOST (2:16): Coast Neurosurgical Associates focuses on helping you get back to living life.

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