What are some warning signs to watch for?

Although very uncommon, the following are warning signs to be aware of:

  • the loss of sensation or movement of your arms/legs
  • losing control of your bowel or bladder
  • fever is a sign of infection
  • problems with incision (drainage, swelling, opening)

Call your doctor or seek immediate medical attention if you have these symptoms.

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Is pain normal?

After cervical fusion, you can expect pain and possibly a sore throat.

After spine fusion, you can also expect pain. Both are generally well tolerated with pain medications. Surgical neck and back pain goes away with time.

If you had arm or leg pain, numbness, or weakness before surgery, it may be better immediately after surgery, it may take weeks to months to get better, or there may be no change.

Each patient’s condition is different, and nerves do not always heal even if the problem is corrected.

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What may prevent my fusion from healing?

Smoking and NSAID medications are known to reduce healing or fusion of your spine. Do not take NSAID medications such as Motrin and Ibuprofen unless necessary for another medical conditions such as your heart or to prevent stroke. Discuss this with your doctor before surgery.

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When and why do I wear a collar or brace?

If you had your spine fused, you will need to wear a hard cervical collar. Its purpose is to limit the movement of your neck and also take some pressure off of your neck so that the fusion will solidify.

If you were instructed to wear a back brace, it must be worn when you are sitting up, or out of bed. Its purpose is to limit the movement of your back and also take some pressure off of your back to promote fusion.

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