Cervical Decompression and FusionThis is surgery to take pressure off the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The approach may be anterior (front) or posterior (back). The anterior approach requires removing the disc and parts of the vertebral bodies. The posterior approach requires removing the lamina. Both approaches are coupled with fusion of the bones of the spinal cord.
Degenerative Disc DiseaseDegenerative disc disease is a common cause of pain in the lower back and neck. The name of this condition is a bit confusing because it is not actually a disease. Degenerative disc disease refers to wear on the spinal discs over time, which can result in pain and/or neurological dysfunction.
Lumbar FusionAnterior or posterior approaches create bone bridging from one vertebral level to the adjacent level. It is done with instrumentation (screws/rods) and bone graft. Both approaches can be done via an open technique or minimally invasively.

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